Astrologers' Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign



 Trust the Effing Process astrologer Rebecca Schmidt says they like providing stability and comfort and want people to enjoy life. 


 Tauruses are easily shaken by heartbreak, so be kind. "Once committed they are normally solid and will go the distance," Schmidt adds.


 Scorpio would survive alone. Scorpio's lips and emotions remain locked until they trust you. Scorpios fall in love slowly yet completely. Water signs have strong, uncontrollable emotions.


 Passionate feelers don't allow anybody stand in their way. Passionate and compulsive, they might act destructively.



 Leo loves themselves and others equally, particularly if they tickle their ego. Fire signs desire to be infatuated, but they frequently get infatuated themselves.


 She tells Best Living people idealize relationships and love partners and get seized with want quickly. If you stand in Leos' path of love, beware.


 Cancers feel deeply and act quickly. You'll quickly know whether they like you, and they'll do everything to keep you.

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 Libra, like Taurus, is controlled by Venus and swoons for everyone. Schmidt believes they may easily become caught up in a love tale, whether real or imagined. 

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 Pisces fall hard and quickly. They dream of a happy ending. They're the most love-struck zodiac sign, sometimes going too far to find love.

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