Astrologers' Most Impatient Zodiac Sign


 Libras may seem calm, yet they're easily disturbed. "Libras are on the go at all times and never want to take their foot off the gas," explains Totally the Dream astrologer Susan Bynes.


 "If you're with them and not moving fast enough, you'll hear about it." They anticipate a quick reply when texting friends. Libras want their partners to keep up with their hectic schedules.



Water signs might be deceptive. Emotional Pisces are moody. "This most sensitive, most romantic of all the signs is a true drama-queen," says Peaceful Dumpling astrologer Victoria Thomas.


 "Pisces experiences tidal highs and lows every day, battered by sea-changes of hopes, wishes, whims, and insecurities." In partnerships, where they demand regular reinforcement, their impatience shows.





 Geminis like excitement and get restless when life doesn't meet their high standards. "This natural multi-tasker flits from project to project and crush to crush," adds Thomas.


 These obstinate people want everyone to follow their example and meet their high expectations, particularly at work.

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 "You're probably not going to have a good day as they tend to lash out," Bynes says of Capricorn's impatience and wrath. If they're frustrated, don't contribute.

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 Leos are cranky when the spotlight isn't on them. As one of the luckiest zodiac signs, they're used to everything working out. They quickly move on to achieve what they desire if one of these possibilities don't happen.


 Aries naturally leads. Unlike starry Leos, they don't tolerate dissenters. "The ram is the first sign of the calendar year and expects to be first in all things," Thomas explains.

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