Astrologers' Most Honest Zodiac Sign 

 Honesty is best. This may have been recited to you or your children. It's true, thus the saying has endured.


 Sophie Won, astrologer and Founder of the Reha app, says Pisces are the most empathetic sign and the worst liars.


 Nonetheless, this emotional water sign might occasionally daydream. Won says Pisces are honest and transparent until they really believe in their fantasies.


 Aries really dislike lying. This irresponsible sign will communicate a harsh text that may injure you without hesitation. Won calls them "extremely straight and forthright with a 'I don't care' attitude."


 "These passionate individuals don't mince words or attempt to preserve the emotions of others when they know deep down that the truth has to be expressed



 This sign doesn't cope with drama since they're so career-focused. "Capricorn has zero patience for petty actions like spreading tales or fabricating stories," adds Clare.


 Clare adds that Saturn, the planet of laws and obligations, dominates Capricorns, who "believe it's their job to be 100 percent honest in all they say and do."

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 Libras are well-balanced and honest. "Libra's sign is the justice scale, so honesty is a significant element of what they idealize in their perfectly balanced society," says Won.

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 Aquarians don't lie for peace. They're honest even if it hurts. Ask their opinion, and they'll lecture.


 Cancers want their loved ones to trust them and turn to them in times of need, thus they seldom hold secrets. Won says this extremely emotional sign is awful at lying and concealing the truth

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