Astrologers' Most Foolish Zodiac Sign



 Libras naturally satisfy others. They sacrifice their wants to make others happy. Trusting may bring them into trouble.


 Patsy Sanchez, associate editor for Zodiac Sign, states, "Libras may be taken advantage of and easily fooled." "This might make people more innocent since they're less aware of red signs."


 Your Leo friend's huge personality shows through. The Freedom Astrologer's Ian Altosaar says they live from the heart.


 "More often than not, this wide and expanding heart energy makes them perceive people to be better than they really are, forcing Leos into a face-off with their ignorance," adds Altosaar.


 Tauruses are educated and shrewd at work, but their innocence makes them naïve in relationships.



 A Taurus constantly expects honesty from others, but it doesn't always happen." "Tauruses sympathize a lot, which might lead them to believe untruths. 


 This sensitive sign constantly sees the good in people. They may overlook bad indicators in others.

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 "Aries just do not always recognize that not everyone is as honest and fair as they are," explains Futurio horoscope app resident astrologer Alice Alta. 

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 Our astrologers thought Pisces was the most naïve. Agape says this water sign is intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive, which might make them overly dependant on others and ignorant of any hazards or disasters.