Astrologers' Most Energetic Sign


 Cancers merely need drive. "Their rhythms are totally different from other people," explains astrology writer Leah Goldberg. It's strange that this sensitive water sign turns from enthusiastic to a homebody, but there's a reason.


 Cancer is ruled by the moon, and its phases alter their vitality, Goldberg says. Expect a lively sign during a full moon. They'll probably stay in on bad nights.


 This intense sign absorbs energy. "Ruled by dreamy Neptune, the planet of inspiration and psychic receptivity, the visionary fish derives its lively energy from its deeply felt emotions,


 When Pisces' spirits rise, beware. "When their creative side mixes with their strong sense of intuition, their fantastical imagination often runs wild, lending to some lively,





 Leo jungle queens stay late at parties because they're still up and seek as much attention as possible. "Ruled by the luminary sun, their unbridled energy is incredibly infectious," Kirsten says.


 Leos crave a life full of new experiences as well as ego boosts. "[They're] constantly seeking meaningful experiences and want to see and do it all," adds Kirsten. 

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 Gemini seldom requires respite between events. Mercury, "the fastest-moving planet in our solar system," rules this hyperactivity, Goldberg says.

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 Goldberg compares Sagittarians to horses since both are "wild and free." Sags, like Geminis, appreciate wild tales. Sags love to talk about skydiving or their recent overseas vacation, while Geminis want to talk about a good date.


 Aries are too busy exploring to relax. This independent sign will visit a Broadway musical one night, join a kickball team the next day, and start pottery the next day. 

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