Astrologers' Most Earthy Zodiac Sign  


Want a buddy who likes beer and football? Need a practical project partner? Need a sensible pal to advise? Avoid high-strung or pompous people in these situations.


 Despite their determination, Capricorns are kind and helpful at work. Stina Garbis, an astrologer at Psychic Stina, says they'll be tough yet sensible in helping others since their ultimate aim is success.


 Capricorns are trustworthy confidants. They're always on time and do what they say.


 Virgos are zodiac perfectionists, like Capricorns. They simply strain themselves. "Virgos are another earth sign, so they're realistic and reasonable," says Garbis.


 Virgos "have no interest in showing off" since they're structured and intelligent. They're "modest to a fault" and want to blend in. They'll listen well and remember what you say.




 Cancers like seclusion. Bennet says bashful crabs like to hide in their shells. "They despise show-offs and attention seekers, not because they're recluses."


 Cancers are trustworthy and devoted companions. If you're sad, they'll listen, provide advise, or prepare you a meal.

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 Aries are autonomous and don't need anybody. Their confidence makes them seem friendly and low-key. 

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 Libras are well-balanced and levelheaded. This sign, symbolized by the scales of justice, may stay calm and moderate. Garbis thinks this "keeps others in control".


 Tauruses, like Libras, are "solid and secure" and ponder before they speak. They're the zodiac's staunch bulls, but that's why they'll protect their loved ones.

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