Astrologers' Most Dual Zodiac Sign

 Dualists are hard to identify. They're polite while you're out. They love your hair, your workplace presentation, and your weekend coffee date. 


 "Sagittarius individuals don't want to go into a difficult scenario," explains astrologer, reiki practitioner, and Sacred Joanne creator Joanne Lara.


 "People-pleasers appreciate bright and amusing stuff." Even if they don't mean it, they complement to soften. 


 Pisces are recognized for their intuitive empathy. They'll also utter a white lie to cheer you up.


 "This sign wants everyone to be happy, and if it means lying, they surely will," adds Lara. "They know they're lying, but Pisces doesn't mind if it preserves the peace."




This Crab sign is famously secretive. They also hide their genuine sentiments and ideas. "Cancer's emblem is two circles facing opposite ways, so people tend to externally express the opposite of what they inner fee


Cancer individuals won't say anything nasty about you, but they may stew over their negative ideas.

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 Libras rumor. "Libras can't keep secrets," explains Lara. "Libras can't wait to share tasty secrets."

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 This symbol is deceptive and two-faced. "Scorpios are ambitious individuals who will do everything to attain their objectives," says Emily Newman, psychic reader, astrologer, and creator of Best of Psychic Reader.


 The Twins, Gemini, are the most contradictory zodiac sign. They can't help this sign's duplicity: They're split. "People speak the truth in the moment, but as situations change so does the truth

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