Astrologers' Most Disrespectful Zodiac Sign



 Leo egos. They're sun-ruled, so they assume the universe revolves around them. Yet, behaving like they're the only ones might cause problems.


"These royal lions sometimes overlook how their actions effect others," explains Mediumchat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. They may not appreciate others despite their charm and compelling personalities.


 Capricorns are hard workers and ambitious. Cardinals are natural leaders and more ambitious than others. 


 "Capricorns have high standards for themselves and others, and they could come out as demanding or judgemental if things don't reach their expectations," Clare explains.



 Aries won't hold back if you're not close. They are direct and unfiltered. Bennet said they behave in the moment and don't care about others' sentiments.


 Aries will do everything to get what they want, unlike Leo, who doesn't intend to be rude.


 Tauruses are earth signs and fixed signs who don't enjoy losing. Clare calls them stubborn and haughty.

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 Geminis are adaptable, yet their dual nature may make them indecisive and unreliable. "One day's fine is a massive no no the next," Bennet explains.

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 Sagittarius always gets their way. This makes them bold and rude. Their incessant thirst for new experiences and movement might be off-putting.

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