Astrologers' Most Dependable Zodiac Sign  


 Certain folks will help you at any time. They will turn up and move mountains if needed. They will do whatever to support you, which might be difficult to match and tiring for them. 


 Pisces are trustworthy and sensitive water signs. They're daydreamy and unrealistic, but they're reliable. "They will always be there when you need emotional support,


 says Emily Newman, astrologer and creator of Best of Psychic Reader. Even if they're in their own world, these indications will help if you're struggling.


 Scorpios are independent and don't enjoy taking orders. Fixed signs like stability and are set in their ways. Ryan Marquardt, proprietor of Ryan's Astrology, says these individuals must like you before you can trust them. 


 "You probably won't find them reliable until you've gained their trust and respect first," he adds.




 Cancers are sensitive water signs like Pisces. These individuals are overly reliable and sacrifice a lot for others. "They're like moms with everything in their purses.


 Cancer will provide it "Marquardt says. They want you to depend on them, but they also want to depend on you if the roles are reversed. If you have problems, a Cancer will likely help.

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 Tauruses are realistic and grounded. They want to help and can solve any difficulty. 

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 Capricorns, the last earth sign, are the strongest and most reliable. They work hard and efficiently on every assignment. Marquardt believes Capricorns typically succeed when they set their minds to it.


 Virgos are perfectionists who don't mind saying difficult things. They are realistic and meticulous. These traits make them the most reliable zodiac sign. 

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