Astrologers' Most Deceptive Zodiac Sign



 Capricorns are "cagey," according to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, so they'll likely lie by omission.


 Futurio app resident astrologer Alice Alta says Saturn makes individuals chilly, aloof, and emotionally restrained. They're only hiding their sentiments "since they worry others may regard them as flaws." 


 Leos deceive. They do it to boost their egos, yet they don't mind hurting others.


 "Bold Leo, governed by the Sun, is not hesitant to cheat and mislead in their desire to accomplish this," says Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare.



Aquarians are self-directed. The zodiac's oddballs don't care about social standards and enjoy upsetting others with their thoughts and behavior.


 Clare says air signs "may find regulating their urges challenging at times." "People seldom feel guilty when they change plans or lie to acquire what they want."


 Libras are chameleons, which makes them deceptive. "With a football-lover, they will talk football, making this individual feel that they enjoy this sport," says Alta.

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 Since they're fun-loving social butterflies, Geminis may easily fool others. Barretta says they "have no difficulty repeating what you told them in confidentially" and are the greatest gossips.

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 Is Scorpio's dominance surprising? "They are mysterious and can lie about anything, anyplace, anytime," adds Newman.