Astrologers' Most Controlling Zodiac Sign



 Aquarians are distinctive. They love their eccentricities and hate conformity. "They strive to fiercely preserve an appearance of being different," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and proprietor of Ryan's Astrology.


  Their strong opinions might make them seem like know-it-alls. Marquardt thinks these individuals dominate talks and arguments, but they must learn to listen and respect others' perspectives.


 Mediumchat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet says this competitive sign aims high. "They're usually team captain and don't want their choices questioned."


 Fire signs like being in command. They're usually calm and ready to offer their best, but sometimes they lose their temper.



 Taurus is the most stable sign. Bennet calls them bulls who don't share because of their preferences.


 Marquardt believes Taurus is tenacious and averse to change, which makes them seem domineering.


 "They design their reality to portray themselves in the best light, managing others and circumstances," Bennet adds.

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 Whenever anything goes wrong, people feel concerned and cheerful by being occupied. Virgos are natural control freaks and overthinkers.

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 Scorpios hate orders. They're the zodiac's greatest control freaks since they can't trust others to accomplish what they can.