Astrologers' Most Confident Zodiac Sign



 Sagittarius usually know what they want. Nuit Astrology's Jill Loftis said they're "usually up for anything at least once." Expect them to try new things without hesitation. 


 "Their willingness to try new things both give them a strong boost of confidence," Loftis adds. Sagittarius experiment because they're fortunate. 



 Virgos seem confident at first. Self-assured yet analytical. Loftis says they're confident because "their way is the right way to do pretty much everything." 


 Don't expect Virgo family members or lovers to alter their minds after a fight. Loftis attributes this commitment to "attention to detail."





 Capricorns exude confidence. They're well-dressed, hardworking, and serious. This intensity breeds calm confidence.


 "Their confidence might be somewhat understated and not flashy, but they have the self-discipline, drive and skills to get whatever they want."

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 Scorpios are secretive and scary. "Deeply intuitive and lacking fear," Loftis says this sign has "a strong sense of security in their own ability to get what they want and do as they please."

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Aries are always calm. Loftis calls this sign "confident they can power through and make things happen through their strength of will." Aries are spontaneous but never regretful.


 Jungle kings and queens are usually pompous. Loftis calls Leos "an interesting mix of bravado and uncertainty."

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