Astrologers' Most Charming Sign  



 Aquarians may seem odd, yet they can win others over. South Florida astrologer Laurie Alfano says most people "think Aquarians are cold and detached," but it's "a facade.


 "An air of elegance and sometimes mystery surrounds them and their minds, making them attractive to others who may find them super cool," Alfano adds.



 Libras "exude charisma and elegance," adds Alfano. This air sign readily invites others into their intriguing universe. Balance-oriented persons don't think people can do wrong or question motivations.


 Libras achieve this by "sharing ideas, attracting desires, inviting everyone around them to be part of the process." Libra Kim Kardashian shows fans her glamorous existence.





 Geminis' several personalities make them charming. "Geminis are extremely adaptable, they can be anybody, anytime, anywhere," Alfano explains.


 Geminis to your party to make it a hit. Sharing anecdotes about their chaotic life, whether it's a recent date or friendship conflict, makes them appealing.

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 Fiery Sags delight with their crazy tales and antics. Alfano considers this fire sign "passionate and talkative," making them captivating and attractive. 

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 These Zodiac monarchs are charismatic. Alfano believes this fixed fire sign puts their "heart on their sleeve," meaning they "have no problem following their desires."


 Aries "charm everyone around them with their myriad of ideas and their electric physical vitality," according to Alfano. The "initiator" of the Zodiac, this fire sign "can start a party in a broom closet."

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