Astrologers' Most Caring Zodiac Sign



 Pisces are daydreamers. Yet their introspection makes them passionate and empathetic.


 "They are empathetic but short-tempered," says Best of Psychic Reader creator Emily Newman, an astrologer. "They make errors yet care sincerely."


 Scorpios are intuitive and perceptive. They've gone through a lot and know how to help others.


 "A Scorpio is not going to give you a Hallmark movie kind of compassion, but they are extremely perceptive and understanding," explains Nuit Astrology creator Jill Loftis.


 Virgos are recognized as the zodiac's healers and helpers. "They want to feel needed and their capacity to understand what is wrong and how to fix it may translate into altruistic actions



 it may translate into altruistic actions of constructive compassion, generosity, and service," adds Loftis. When exploited, earth signs become defensive.


 This air sign will listen and go the extra mile for you. Their exuberant social energy is inherently welcoming.

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 Aquarius is another sympathetic air sign. Newman said these individuals adore charity and won't turn anybody away. Aquarius will discover a solution even if others can't. 

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 Cancers are the most caring sign since they're ruled by the moon and sensitive to others' feelings. Newman tells Best Living they are compassionate and polite and "would go to tremendous lengths for their loved ones.