Astrologers' Most Attention-Seeking Zodiac Sign



 Capricorns embrace leadership and work well under duress. They crave attention for a different motive. Nuit Astrology pioneer Jill Loftis says this Saturn-ruled sign desires respect, power, and influence.


  "They want to be seen by the appropriate people to broker power connections and accomplish their personal and professional ambitions," she adds.


 According to Best of Psychic Reader astrologer Emily Newman, Virgos desire appreciation for helping others. If you don't say anything, they'll pout because they need affirmation more than they admit.


 These service-oriented earth signs adore helping others, but they require plenty of feedback and attention to overcome their fear of failure.



 Sagittarius is outgoing and adventurous. They thrive on attention and make others feel good. Schmidt tells Best Living that being around them helps them feel appreciated and seen.


 Newman thinks fire signals live glamorously and will keep you on your toes. They wish to share their unique experiences.


 Geminis need social interaction. They're the zodiac's talkative Kathys, constantly promoting new ideas. Popular but needy. 

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 Aries is intellectually curious and has endless confidence. Newman says their charisma draws others whether they're seeking attention or not. But, they'll like the attention.

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 Leo is unsurprisingly first. Leos love attention since they're dominated by the Sun. Despite their look-at-me demeanor, people are attracted to them.