Astrologers' Most Arrogant Zodiac Sign


 There's a continuum of self-confidence, from poised to cocky and cavalier. Arrogance wears thin, but confidence is wonderful. 


 Social butterflies are Geminis. They adore meeting new people, conversing, and making others feel comfortable in social situations. 


 "Yet, their humor may occasionally go too far—which makes it look like they have a blatant disdain for others' sentiments." As they're the most gossipy sign, this frequently happens.


 air sign Aquarius is arrogant. Don't even attempt to alter their thoughts or apologize. "Smart Aquarius. Aquariuses are brilliant and want others to know it "Bristol says.


 "An Aquarius's favorite activity is to force-feed a reluctant audience with their Ted Talk of the day, without stopping or asking for criticism," adds Bristol. "Very patronizing!"




 Aries are fierce leaders, yet they crave plenty of attention and struggle to share the limelight. "Ignorance breeds the worst arrogance.


 "When people believe they have influence over a situation, it may also make them behave in a negative manner," says Sacred Joanne creator and astrologer Joanne Lara. 

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 Virgos want to be correct. Bristol adds, "Virgos are usually correct, but it doesn't justify their know-it-all attitude."

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Leos are attention-seekers. "Their self-centered mentality is no secret, making them look shallow," says astrologer Karen Comen.


 Taurus is cocky because they want luxury. They may be materialistic and judge restaurants, wine, and shoes.

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