Astrologers' Most Arguing Zodiac Sign  




 Libra likes to argue because they understand right and wrong. "Libras can argue just for the fun of it, and they relish the opportunity of challenging you with an opposing point of view," 


   Libras are mediators and compromisers, so they'll typically come to an agreement with you. Balance will return.



 Virgos talk endlessly about the slightest details. Arguing with a Virgo is time-consuming. They don't shout, but they prefer to argue with details. 


 "If you get in an argument with a Virgo, chances are they've already had that argument with themselves over and over again





 Geminis are persuasive. Mercury rules Gemini, yet unlike Virgo, Gemini seldom talks about facts, sources, and substance. 


 "Because Gemini has an uncanny ability to connect dots on the spot, thanks to all the useless information that magically gets stored in their minds," 

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 Aries fights passionately. They don't like losing and are quick to introduce new topics, keeping the other person on their toes.

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 "They can latch onto certain opinions and points of view with a white knuckle grip," says Marquardt of Aquarius, a permanent air sign. Aquarius, the oldest air sign



 Sagittarius is wise, yet in conflicts, its energy may run wild. "Even though Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means they're changeable, their perspectives are shaped through life experiences

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