Astrologers' Moodiest Zodiac Sign



 Virgos are serious and analytical, so they'll analyze a situation and grow offended without telling anybody. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt believes this earth sign's "moody demeanor


 They'll sometimes point out something incorrect, making others question how their mood changed so quickly. This pursuit of perfection is noble.



 Libras will speak out if they feel wronged. Marquardt calls this balance-focused sign "oscillating between opposites," causing mood swings. 


 "That type of fluctuation can be hard to keep up with, making the other signs confused about whose side Libra is on, or what stance they're taking on a particular issue."





 Aries is the zodiac's "baby" and may "be pretty impossible to calm down," says Marquardt. "They're forceful when they want something and don't handle emotions well." 


 Scorpios are fierce and secretive. Marquardt says this melancholy fixed water sign might "stuck on one particular emotion for a long period of time, and they'll milk it for all its worth.

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 Pisces are energy sponges. Thus, if others cry, they will too. Marquardt calls this water sign "more passive aggressive with its moods." Everyone knows when they're depressed

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 "Pisces also knows how to play the victim role, which turns into self-undoing behaviors and needless suffering


 Marquardt says Cancers are hyper-emotional since the moon "flies through the zodiac the quickest." "Every couple of days, Cancer is in a completely different mood."

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