Astrologers' Love Zodiac Sign  


 Scorpios are very intense, yet that's what draws others to them. "Scorpios are well known for their emotional and passionate personalities," says astrologer and Best of Psychic Reading creator Emily Newman.


 Peaceful Dumpling astrologer Victoria Thomas calls Scorpio "the deepest, emotionally speaking." Their mystery makes others feel like "a rock star or a rock star's date."


 Cancers are nurturers, so they're really kind, particularly if you're in trouble and need a loyal friend or family member.


 Thomas says Cancer is "a melancholy homebody who retreats into the healing isolation of its shell" while young. They get more comfortable as they age. Once self-confident





 Love is knowing a Gemini. "These social butterflies can adjust to any situation and find similarities with anyone," says Newman. Their jokes and tales delight family and friends.


 Geminis are the life of the party, but they don't need all the attention, so they get along with other signs.

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 This emotional water sign wants to help, so they'll be there. Thomas calls Pisces "tender" and "sweetly devoted," qualities of a loyal companion. 

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 Sagittarius is adventurous. They'll hang-glide with you or get beverages last minute. Newman describes their "openness and excellent sense of humor" as endearing.


 Leos are well-liked. Their vitality attracts others. "Leo is quick to buy the next round of cocktails and is the first one in the pool [or] on the dancefloor," Thomas adds.

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