Astrologers' Least Sophisticated Zodiac Sign


 An embarrassed young lady cleaning up crimson wine spilled over a white tablecloth during an outdoor brunch.


 Perfectionist Virgos only seem calm when they're in charge. They lose their composure quickly. "Being a nervous earth sign


 "Frivolous luxury is something that doesn't frequently appeal to them since it might be wasteful," says famous astrologer and horoscope writer Kyle Thomas.


 Cancer's sensitivity makes them simple. Clare advises that Cancers are very sensitive and reactive and may escape or cry openly when wounded. 


 It's the zodiac's caring homebody. Thomas says cancers are regulated by the moon, which values comfort above luxury.




 Aquarians don't travel to fancy restaurants or vacations. Instead, they'll protest or browse the library. "Aquarians are fixed Air signs,


Unsophisticated doesn't mean stupid. Thomas calls Aquarius "a fairly aloof, analytical, and intellectual nature" and the wisest zodiac sign.

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 This water sign may be spotted painting or cuddling on the sofa. Clare says Pisceans have a particular energy. "Partying with the rich doesn't satisfy them."

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 This exuberant sign fits almost everywhere, from a dingy pub to a hostel abroad. People frequently speak before thinking. 


 Like Gemini, Aries' behavior makes them uncultured. These outspoken leaders don't hold back. Clare advises that Aries dinner guests may say inappropriate things and cause a scene.

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