Astrologers say this zodiac sign is the most homebody.


 The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy declared "there's no place like home." If you're a specific sort, this is probably truer than you realize. Extroverts want to stay out and just come home to sleep and wash. 


 Despite their reputation as globe travelers, Sags like seclusion. "Sagittarius is typically considered as one of the most outgoing and adventurous signs of the zodiac


 "They want to be in the comfort of their familiar surroundings," explains Ms. IGee. She says this setting helps people regulate their overthinking.


 Independent Aries. Since they can amuse themselves, they often prefer alone. They'll visit a museum or concert alone without hesitation.


 "Aries enjoys solitary time to create, arrange, and ponder," says Ms. IGee. She said this sign doesn't care what others think of their independence. 




 "Virgo is detail-oriented and appreciates a comfortable, tidy setting to be their naturally analytical odd self," says Ms


 Virgos can party, but they'll head home afterward. "They may be shy and prefer quiet and seclusion to recharge," says Thomas.

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 Aquarians are secluded. They might spend hours online exploring their current hobby without missing human connection (except maybe to tell someone else what they learned). 

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 Pisces is "governed by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, and Jupiter, the planet of hope." So, they like unwinding with an at-home spa treatment or a nice book and hot tea.


 Cancer is considered as a homebody," Evans says. Nurturing loved ones makes them happy. They'll cook chicken soup for a sick family member.

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