Astrologers' Least Romantic Zodiac Sign 



Scorpios are  romentic, but not always on dates. "Scorpio can be  love and lusty, but when it comes to turning on the romance, they don't always have what it takes


 "Scorpio deals with a lot of deep, subconscious blockages that make true connection and intimacy difficult," he says. The sign doesn't trust readily, making it hard to build deep relationships.



 Virgos are fussy about life partners. They may have a brief connection with someone, but they won't love them until they fulfill their flawless standards. 


 "Virgos won't be afraid to speak their mind and point out the flaws in any situation," Marquardt says. "Virgos aren't mean—they're just super aware of anything that can be improved





 Sagittarius values independence, making meaningful partnerships difficult. Marquardt calls this indication "squirmish" and "their adventurous hearts want to get up


  Sags quit partnerships because they fear losing their independence. "The thought of settling down in any capacity can scare them, which can repel romance from their lives," Marquardt says.

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This frosty sign may seem insensitive at first. Marquardt calls Capricorns "great in bed, but that's where the romance stops." Fairy-tale fans on a first date with a Cap may feel awkward.

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 Aries are so focused on themselves that they can't see others' needs. Marquardt says Aries "the most self-focused sign in the zodiac." 


 Aquarians dream. This distant sign constantly thinks deeply, but not about romance. Marquardt calls them "aloof and clueless" in "matters of the heart

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