Astrologers' Least Committed Zodiac Sign



 Tauruses' fear of commitment is frequently subconscious, thus they may have problems explaining their romantic issues.


 "In their heads, they are desirous and want to commit, but their insides tell a different picture," explains Ian Altosaar, astrologer and author of The Freedom Astrologer.


 Sagitarriuses are more interested in arranging their next trip or culinary class than long-term projects.


 "Sagittarius enjoys adventure and discovery and may dread the constraints that a committed relationship might put on their capacity to travel and experience new things


 "Aries are renowned for their impulsiveness and may struggle with the responsibilities and devotion that a committed relationship entails," explains Agape.



 Patsy Sanchez, associate editor for Zodiac Sign, adds, "Virgos are exceedingly critical and may have a particularly hard time with commitments."


 Relationships and careers might suffer. Sanchez adds, "Virgos aim for perfection, and if something doesn't mesh, they don't want to remain devoted to it."

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 Agape believes this sign's adaptability and flexibility make them worry being locked in a committed relationship that limits their freedom to alter and develo

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 "This sign favors freedom and independence above anything else," says Agape. They may worry about losing their independence and being unable to follow their hobbies.

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