Astrologers' Laziest Zodiac Sign


 Aquarians can't get out of their own heads. Astrologer and blogger Victoria Thomas says Aquarius "a classic underachiever with unrealized potential."


 Thus, this sign struggles to help others. They won't empty the dishwasher or take out the garbage. "While Aquarius is a highly curious and intelligent zodiac sign,



 Pisces artists and designers are very inventive. They're driven, yet they procrastinate and don't enjoy hard labor. Newman claims they "will avoid every task [until] the last minute." 


 If you're a Pisces' coworker, this might be annoying. Expect several follow-ups on easy tasks. To view their work, they may enlist your aid.





 Sagittarius loves partying, therefore they're idle when they're not. "Sagittarius values their independence, especially in travel and leisure pursuits, [so they] prefer to live on their terms," says Newman.


Newman says this changeable sign generally has "no obligation to work." Sagittarius coworkers are amusing because they tell crazy tales, but they're unreliable.

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 Thomas states "breezy" Libras "like everything to be pleasant and easy." She says they'll hide their debts because they're anxious

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To obtain tranquility, Tauruses will work hard to clean and organize. Though responsible, they enjoy Netflix binge-watching. "Taurus dislikes hard work, yet they handle their crucial responsibilities," Newman says.


 Party-loving Leos value pleasure over responsibility. "Leo may appreciate the spotlight, but not the effort required to get there," Newman says. They'll host a party but not tidy up.

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