Astrologers' Hardest Zodiac Sign 


 Gemini, the most dispersed zodiac sign, appears on this list. Charlotte Kirsten, creator of the astrological blog Usually Topical, says, "Frazzled, they work hard.


 Geminis, governed by Mercury, are good team players, according to Four Moons Spa astrologer Shannon Aganza.


 Scorpio is mysterious and secretive, often wanting to know everything about everyone for their own benefit. Aganza says Scorpio's passion comes from both their relationships


 They'll spend hours studying a colleague to outperform them for a promotion.




 Tauruses are trustworthy and work hard. Aganza says this sign generally "takes their time and moves ahead with an exceedingly meticulous manner." 


 Don't confuse their sluggish pace for laziness. "They are driven, persistent, and have sustenance to get it done," Aganza says.

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 These natural leaders can do anything. Kirsten calls Aries "the hard-working, enthusiastic, and somewhat demanding office boss." "Straight-shooting Mars"

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 Kirsten says Virgos "the actual busy-bees of the zodiac" and "hard-working, data-driven, and analytical Earth signs." 


 These industrious achievers are no surprise. "Masters of self-discipline, the level-headed sea goat puts stern, paternal energy into everything," adds Kirsten.

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