Astrologers' Greatest Zodiac Sign



 Geminis are known for their two sides: affable and social, and intense. "They can suddenly flip in a flash of anger," says astrologer Jetta. 


 While Geminis are normally friendly, they may grow irritated. "Because of their verbal prowess, they can be quite incendiary and hurtful with their words," Jetta says. 



 Complex cancers. If they feel mistreated, this emotional sign will keep a grudge. Cancers "can sometimes snap at people when they get into one of their moods,


 "They'll shut down when angry or sad.""Cancers can be extremely pettish but rarely mean," she explains. They'll be "mildly rude and passive-aggressive."





 Because they're engaged in thought or preaching without listening, Aquarians might look nasty. 


 because of their detached disposition," particularly since "they can often be out of touch with the impact their actions have on others." Aquarius may be misunderstood.

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 Analytical perfectionists like Virgos regularly judge themselves and others. Jetta thinks this dark side makes people "even harsher towards others, especially as a projection of their own self-loathing."

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 Aries "can be brutal, hurtful and very nasty," according to Jetta. If you fight an Aries, they'll likely regret their outburst. "


 Scorpios are violent."Because of their scary scorpion persona, Scorpio often gets unfairly misunderstood, as they also use their powers of perception

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