Astrologers' Funniest Zodiac Sign


 Aquarians typically isolate themselves. You'll love their eccentricity once they allow you in. 


  "Aquarius embodies very free-flowing energy, and whoever gets to witness it can't help but be drawn in," explains Charlotte Kirsten, publisher of astrology site Typically Topical.



 Aries' flamboyant, outspoken personalities provide humor to social situations. Kirsten says Aries are "known for their goofy, light-hearted nature" and can lighten unpleasant circumstances.


 Beware that Aries typically craves attention. Thomas calls Ram "a selfish, headstrong leader." Aries will remain happy if you let them choose what to do and where to go.





 These flirty socialites love to party. "Quirky and filled with childlike curiosity, Gemini thrives on having fun in all social settings," explains Kirsten.


 Geminis' duality allows them to blend in anywhere and talk to everyone. "Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini prides itself on its ability to connect

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 Need a road trip or skydiving buddy? "The fun-loving, wanderlust-driven sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius knows how to say 'yes' to adventure and excitement," says Kirsten. 

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 Leos, the zodiac's party animals, are always seeking attention. Kirsten says Leos are extroverted and willing to try new things. They'll end up dancing with the bride and groom, making them the ideal wedding guest.


   Scorpios are obsessive about everything, although this may be wonderful for partying. "Whatever interests a Scorpio, you can be sure they're doing it with enthusiasm, passion

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