Astrologers' Friendliest Zodiac Sign



 Virgos are practical. They're constantly looking to help. Nuit Astrology creator Jill Loftis says this earth sign is hospitable, amiable, and empathetic. 


 She believes that although not as extroverted as other signs, they are nevertheless rock solid there for their people and quick to reach out to those in need.


 Aquarians are affable and socially adept. They recognize everyone's uniqueness because they're eccentric and out-of-the-box.


 They're "masterful at establishing a feeling of belonging," according to Ryan's Astrology founder Ryan Marquardt.


 "Chatty, conversational, and gregarious; Gemini likes to dart from group to group with a quick-witted joke or a humorous zany narrative to liven up the discussion," Loftis tells Best Living.



 These folks don't take life too seriously and will always listen when you need help. Being the happiest zodiac sign, they can instantly lift spirits and brighten any atmosphere.


 Jupiter, the largest planet, rules Sagittarius, who have huge personalities. They'll command attention when they enter a room. Fire signs attract everyone with their irrepressible vitality.

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 Leos have enormous egos, but they're also quite accessible and can make everyone feel welcome. Loftis calls Leo "brilliant and charismatic." 

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 Libras sometimes put others' needs before their own, but they don't mind since they're always there for others.