Astrologers' Flakiest Zodiac Sign 


 Everyone has a flaky buddy. You know they'll miss half your plans. Their mother-in-law suddenly visited one week and they had a stomach pain the following. Furthermore, etc. 


 Our list begins with an unintentional flake. "Aquarians are ideas people—they're constantly full of fantastic concepts about things they could do, things you could do, things that can happen


  a clear plan, but it's basically a hazy desire, and it won't happen." It's not entirely their fault. Aquarius, the airiest air sign, struggles to implement their goals.


 Tarot By Maisy astrologer and tarot reader Maisy Bristol believes Pisces will disappear for a week instead of establishing limits


 "Pisces will go into their own world till they recharge to avoid confrontation or tough talks."




 Gemini enjoys multitasking. They may go straight from business happy hour to tennis lesson to the club. They may miss certain things due to their go-go-go mindset.


 "They typically overcommit and are late to everything," explains Hey Clair co-founder Licia Morelli! "Remember you're approximately 10th on a Gemini's list of things to accomplish that day

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 Morelli believes Libras might be unreliable but only because they desire to please everyone. "Instead of rejecting two nighttime invitations, they'll strive to balance them.

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 "Sagittarius is also impulsive and could select a more interesting idea over their initial plans," she says. "This also leads to last-minute cancellations or—because they're in the moment


 "Make plans with a Cancer," Morelli advises. Like the crab, this homebody symbol loves its shell. Your goals may succeed if they're outside its shell.

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