Astrologers' Dullest Zodiac Sign



 Aquarius might be eccentric and disconnected from relationships. Emily Newman, an astrologist from Best of Psychic Reader, tells Best Living that air signs may be fun and thrilling at first


 They may seem dull because they treasure their alone time, yet they may leave you wanting more. "They can readily separate," explains Newman.


 Libras appreciate equilibrium and pleasing others. They want to plan ahead to ensure a flawless excursion or occasion.


 People-pleasing might make them lose their individuality. These air signs may be able to enchant everyone, but if they play the part society desires for too long,



 Virgo is the most detail-oriented sign and it reflects in their lives. Ryan Marquardt, proprietor of Ryan's Astrology, says they're flexible, but they thrive on regularity.


 Virgos are practical and analytical, not creative. Earth signs are perfectionists, which might mask their lighthearted side.


 Most serious are Capricorns. They're practical and goal-oriented, therefore they might be a drag to be around.

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 Pisces want solitude. They require a lot of downtime and only put themselves out there when they benefit.

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 Taurus, a fixed earth sign, dislikes change. Marquardt says they like their routines and comfort zones. He believes other indications find the lack of spontaneity uninteresting.