Astrologers' Cattiest Zodiac Sign


 Cancer, renowned for its kindness and loyalty to family and friends, may surprise you on this list. Beware of offending one. 


 Cancers are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, which may lead them to be rather catty if they're feeling insulted," says pop culture astrologer and horoscope writer Kyle Thomas.


 Sags make the party. They have a dark side. "Sagittarians may be harsh," warns Thomas. This explosive fire sign is "reckless, impolite, aggressive, and boisterous


 This sign's pride can't handle being offended, which is shockingly simple to accomplish. They'll retaliate.




 Aries are natural leaders, but they'll attack if they're blocked. "Aries are regarded as the kid of the zodiac as they are the first zodiac sign," Thomas says.


 As confrontational and impulsive signs, they're the rudest. Top of Psychic Reader astrologer Emily Newman says they enjoy attention. 

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 Leo, like Aries, wants to shine. Newman calls these extroverts "kind, caring, empathic, and pleasant." She cautions "they are not harmless."

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 Geminis communicate well. They can chat to anybody at a party for hours about anything. They also adore gossiping. If it would amuse a gathering


 Scorpios won't change. "As a fixed sign, they are obstinate, reject change, and have trouble moving on," Thomas says. They won't see your perspective regardless. 

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