Astrologer's Best Suit for Your Zodiac Sign



 Stardust recommends a sleek, short-sleeved top and skirt sweatsuit for Aries' hot emotions. "It'll fit their athletic attitude."


 "Luxurious Taurus like fake leather outfits or skirts that pull at their contours." With shoes and T-shirts, these pieces are versatile.


 Stardust says "the twin star will prefer adaptable designs that can double for day or evening clothing." "They won't shy away from sparkling 24/7."


 Stardust says Cancerians "want to guard their hearts and energies to guarantee happiness," making layers ideal. Mixing prints ups the ante.



 Stardust recommends bright, cropped pants for Leo. Anything else? "Make a big entrance" with this eye-catching outfit.


 Libra Stardust tells InStyle that "monochrome sets and clothing will help Libra maintain and regain their equilibrium this spring." Jennifer Lopez and the Hadid sisters have kept the monochrome 


 "Sag will feel free and edgy in a great rock n' roll top with leggings or bike shorts."

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 Stardust recommends "flowy and flowery clothes that are lovely and comfy" for Pisces, the amorous sign. It's a summer uniform!