Astrologer-Selected Most Loyal Zodiac Sign  



 Emotionally sensitive Pisces are easy to confide in. They're reliable and will support you. Forensic astrologer Valerie Evans compares Christopher Reeve's Pisces wife, Dana, to everlasting commitment. 


 Dana "was known for her tireless devotion to her husband during the decade after his tragic horse jumping accident, which left him paralyzed from the neck down."



 Capricorn, governed by Saturn, "the symbol for responsibility and commitment," plays "by the rules," says Evans. They're faithful, particularly to work.


 "You'll often see Capricorns celebrating big milestones like a 50-year anniversary or retiring from a job after decades of service," adds Evans.





 Evans advises that although Leos are loyal, they're committed "to their responsibilities and not necessarily their mate." 


 "The zodiac lovers" may "play around," according to Evans. Leos are loyal and reliable.

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 Evans says Scorpios "go to extremes to show their loyalty and will test their partner relentlessly to see if the feeling is mutual." They'll safeguard your secrets yet strive to make you divulge them. 

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 Taureans are stubborn, yet they'll never leave you. Evans says, "the no-nonsense Taurus may be stubborn or difficult, but they set their sight on one person and don't let go."


 Cancers prioritize family and friends. "Cancers take care of others and are fiercely loyal to family," adds Evans. Cancers are loyal buddies.

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