Aries features and characteristics


Bold and ambitious:  Aries are risk-takers. They have a lot of ambition and are tremendously motivated in their pursuit of success.

Self-reliant:  Aries are independent. They are independent and like to handle everything on their own.

Competitive:  Aries appreciate competition. They take their rivalries and victories seriously.


Impulsive:  Aries may act without thinking. They like the thrill of the present and tend to act on whims.

Assertive:  Aries express their opinions. They want people to have the same level of directness and brevity as them.

Passionate:  Aries love whatever they do, from careers to hobbies to relationships.

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Temperamental:  Aries may be hot-headed. They tend to lose their cool quickly and are easily irritated.

Active:  Aries are always on the go and love to take on new challenges. They are restless creatures that thrive on physical exertion.

Creative:  Aries are inventive. They consistently innovate and find better ways to accomplish things.