Aries compatibility signs


Leo:  Fire signs Aries and Leo naturally get along. Confident and enthusiastic, they may have a dynamic relationship.

Sagittarius:  Aries and Sagittarius are both adventurous and want to try new things, which may make for an exciting and spontaneous partnership.


Gemini:  Aries and Gemini are intellectual, talkative, and mentally stimulating. Fun and adventure may lead to fantastic experiences for them.

Aquarius:  Aries and Aquarius love creativity, which might make for an intriguing combination. Independent thinkers, they may comprehend each other.

Libra:  Aries and Libra balance nicely. Libra is balanced, whereas Aries is impetuous and passionate. They may complement and harmonize.

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Taurus:  While opposites, Aries and Taurus may compliment each other. Taurus is realistic, whereas Aries is spontaneous. They can build a solid bond.

Scorpio:  Aries and Scorpio may have a passionate and intense connection. Loyalty and dedication build trust and connection.

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Capricorn:  Unexpected mates, Aries and Capricorn complement each other. Aries is impulsive, Capricorn focused. They can couple well.