Apologies from Each Zodiac Sign



 Aries may intimidate newcomers, yet initial impressions are often erroneous.


 Taurus might be obstinate and difficult to apologize to.While she relishes a fight, she feels she has a point. Tauruses seldom back down from arguments, but they know when to stop.


 Gemini is always learning, therefore she may be thoughtless at first. you've just met someone, she won't know your limitations until she pushes them.


 Cancers are perceptive and emotional, so they recognize when they've done wrong and apologize before you do.



 Leo, the drama queen, seldom apologizes after a disagreement. She really believes you're wrong when she's right.

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 Virgo never deliberately hurts. Instead, she may become lost in her own world and say or do the wrong thing.

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 Libra works hard to avoid conflict with her pals.She would sooner avoid conflict than defend herself.Libra compromises her values to apologize.

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 Scorpio loves fast-paced, fiery fights. She dislikes secrets, thus she would prefer you be honest during an argument or apologies than be pleasant to make up.

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