America's Best Fast-Food Fries






 Arby's Crinkle Fries


 As you'll see, crunch distinguishes the greatest crinkle fries. Arby's "accordion-style grooves" create this crackling as you bite on them. 


 If you don't reside in the Midwest, Portillo's may be headed your way. This hot dog establishment produces great fries and Chicago dogs with pickle spears in poppy seed buns.

 Portillo Fries

 BurgerFi fries


 BurgerFi's 120+ restaurants make everything fresh, including excellent french fries. Due to its all-natural, fresh, and sustainably sourced Angus beef burgers

 Nathan's fries


 Fry roundups are incomplete without Nathan's, even if their locations have shrunk. These fries were served from vendors on Coney Island and other boardwalks






 Wingstop has great wings and fries. The company cooks fresh-cut fries with its salty-sweet sauce.

 Wingstop's Fries

 Crinkle-Cut Fries

 Culver's, known for its ButterBurger, serves fresh crinkle-cut fries. This business never serves 10-minute-old fries, so you don't have to utilize the "no salt" gimmick.

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 Popeyes Cajun Fries


 Popeyes, the chicken sandwich champion, cooks its fries in beef tallow oil like McDonald's. It adds its distinctive Cajun flavour.

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In-N-Out cuts their fries fresh, even though some people prefer the burgers. The Kennebec potato should make the chain's food crispy on the exterior

 In-N-Out Fries 

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