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You’re tested. All right. You're exhausted. I anticipate your response. “Finally, good news!”. After years, I received some! The past seems over. 


 A wild ride. Uranus is your Zodiac Sign's heart. You must have felt this force previously. Changes are profound. Your domain. Seeds must break ground to grow. 



 Yes, yes. I know. Not easy. It was sometimes awful. This finishes shortly. You lose this ability on January 18. Thus, pack your power and walk on. Rest and rejuvenate in


 You've been waiting for this. Let's clarify. This may produce something great. It'll be hard. It's difficult. Let's explain. Saturn crosses your zodiac sign offers strength, sadness, and challenges. 






 Libra, this year stabilizes. Saturn, the king of Karma, helps us tremendously. Saturn establishes success. The last year wasn't great, but it helped you build abundance. 


 Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius brought pressure and opportunity. 2022 changes quickly. Eclipses wreak havoc on your brain, foundations, and destiny. In 18 months, your plans may change. 

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 It's hard. You've had a difficult 1.5 years mentally. Many of your hopes and objectives may have been canceled, leaving you feeling like you've been derailed. 

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 his year will alter this. Your first half will be fortunate. Most of your life will feel more lively, sensitive, and energetic. You can also make plenty of new pals!

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