82-Year-Old Accused  $800,000  Fake MJ Trading Cards


Mayo Gilbert McNeil Arrested 

The Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's Office arrested Mayo Gilbert McNeil in Denver for conspiracy to conduct wire fraud on Wednesday. Prosecutors said the older person made over $800,000 selling fraudulent cards.

New York U.S. Attorney's Office

Documents show McNeil sold phoney cards in 2015. One 2019 sale was to a Manhasset, New York resident for $4,500. He exchanged an important 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card

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Fake Cards for Two Genuine

He exchanged fake cards for real ones in his scheme. He swapped two bogus cards for two Tom Brady cards in 2017.

"Defrauded Sports 

"Mr. McNeil robbed sports memorabilia enthusiasts of more than $800,000 by fraudulently misrepresenting the legitimacy of the trading cards he was marketing when, in reality,

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He "Done Nothing Wrong"

"I did nothing wrong," McNeil told the AP after being freed without bond from a Colorado U.S. District Court.

Orchestrated a Years-Long 

"All customers are protected from fraud, regardless of their team," US Attorney Breon Peace said. "The defendant allegedly defrauded sports trading card fans

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