7 Terrible Habits That Push Love Away


When I was young, a guy informed me that running away from love and being tough in a relationship were the same. He told me to seek for these fear-based tendencies in guys I dated.

 Dr. Dolittle's

This "gazelle/unicorn hybrid" with two heads is pronounced "Push-me-Pull-you." Since you never know where you stand, a partner's pushing/pulling might drive you insane.

 Dr. Dolittle's

When one side of the discussion is excellent and the other is terrible, you must detect the disconnect and sprint like a gazelle to flee.

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It's chilly

It's chilly.If your spouse can't love and be loved, the relationship will look wonderful for a few weeks, then they'll become chilly.

It's chilly

By politely telling a prospective partner that mood swings ruin relationships, you may start a more tranquil, productive future with or without this candidate.

You see him, you don't"

 Sometimes this "traveling" spouse tells you about a profession in the FBI that isn't real or indicates that frequent excursions are work-related while there is a second family hidden someplace. 


You see him, you don't"

When you know you need stability, constancy, and love, you can prevent this.

The "preemptive attack"

Fifty years ago, this was seen as someone who didn't want to wait for you to go and would just depart first. This is cowardly because it seems like they're abandoning a comrade—you.

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