7 Eye Exercises to Reduce Eye Strain


Focus forward.  Look up and down.  10 times.  Next, glance right without turning your head, then left again.  10 times.


Blinking reduces VDU eye strain.  Computer displays make us forget to blink.  Blinking refreshes eyes and helps us concentrate longer.  For two minutes, face ahead and blink every five seconds.

Focusing Near and Far

Sit or stand for this workout.  Focus on your thumb 10 inches from your face.  Now look 10 feet distant.  Alternate close and distant concentrating for 3 minutes.





Close your eyes on a chair.  Cover both eyes.  The palm should cover the eyes, the fingers on the forehead, and the base on the cheekbone.  Blink freely and avoid eye strain. 


Sit comfortably, extend your arm, and raise your thumb in the hitchhikers posture.  Draw the thumb three inches from the face.  Watch the thumb.  Slowly return the thumb and forearm to the start.

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Figure of Eight


This eye-muscle-flexibility exercise is fantastic.  It's easy.  Imagine a giant figure 8 slanted 10 feet distant on a blank wall.  



Finally, obtain eight hours of sleep to relax your eyes.  For every 50 minutes of computer use, take a 10-minute break.

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