3 Sugary Drinks That You Can Have All Day Long Without Putting On Weight



Kefir is an important part of the diet of a great number of societies all over the world, and it has only lately gained popularity in the organic food and natural health communities.

 It is believed to have originated in the Southwestern and Eastern European regions. It is speculated that the name originates from the Turkish word "keyif," which may be translated as "pleasant feeling.


A further fermented drink that has the potential to serve as a healthy alternative to soda is kombucha. It is composed of sugar, yeast, bacteria, and either green or black tea as one of the components. 

However, in order for the components to exert their influence, some amount of time will be required. The tea serves as the foundation of this beverage

Coconut Water 

The translucent fluid that can be found inside of a coconut is known as "coconut water." Coconut water and coconut milk are two different things, despite how easily they may be confused with one another

Coconut milk is created by shredding the interior flesh of the coconut, mixing it with hot water, and then filtering it while coconut water is already in liquid form within the young coconut.


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