25 of the Greatest Haircuts for Guys Who Have Balding Spots


Swept Over

When the hair has been allowed to grow out for a sufficient amount of time, it may be styled in a manner that conceals a thinning hairline, as shown by the actor Steven Yeun. 

Channing Tatum

The length of the hair is trimmed all over using a number two blade to get Channing Tatum's signature look. After that, you should properly trim both the sides and the rear. 


"I recommend guys with thinning hair to choose for a shorter length that can stand up and offer depth to the style," says Butler of the grown-out style seen on actor Jude Law


A Short Caesar Cut

This style, which may be seen on Welsh actor Andrew Whitfield, involves cutting the hair with a clipper such that the sides and back are very short while leaving the top of the head longer than the fingers.

Medium-Textured Look

This is an excellent choice for a gentleman who has just had little hair loss on top, such as our good buddy Ryan Reynolds. The length of the hair is kept short throughout (about three finger widths on top),

A Buzz With a Beard

A buzz cut with clippers using a number two blade throughout is an excellent choice for men who are experiencing hair loss. 

 Chris Martin.

Butler suggests the use of high-quality solutions for those who want to grow out their thin hair (like the musician Chris Martin, pictured below), who are trying to do this


Shaved Head

A bald head may not be a suitable appearance for everyone, but in today's society, it has the potential to be fashionable and is seen as acceptable for the majority of occupations. 

Shadow With Flat Top

Prince William has never been shy about displaying the effects of his hair loss, alternating between having his head entirely shaved and having a head of hair that is just slightly longer. 

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