10 low blood pressure reasons



Daily dehydration is a major concern. Prolonged nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea can cause dehydration. Exercise, perspiration, and heat stroke can also cause dehydration.


Extreme or modest blood loss might lower blood pressure. Accidents, surgeries, and other causes can cause bleeding.

Organ swelling

Severe organ inflammation can lower blood pressure. How can organ inflammation cause blood pressure? When your organ is inflamed, fluids leave blood vessels

Heart muscle weakness

Low blood pressure is common in people with weak heart muscles. Weak cardiac muscle reduces blood flow causing heart failure. Several minor heart attacks or viruses can weaken cardiac muscles.

Heart attacks

Heart attacks and atherosclerosis can cause heart blockages. With a heart block, the specific tissues that transport electrical current in the heart are destroyed, preventing electrical

Rapid heartbeat

A rapid heart rate can also lower blood pressure. The ventricles contract abnormally when the heart beats excessively rapidly or irregularly. Despite a rapid heart beat


Humans need nutrients for health. A slight nutritional shortage might create difficulties like low blood pressure.

Endocrine disorders

Hypothyroidism, parathyroid illness, adrenal insufficiency, low blood sugar, and diabetes can lower blood pressure. Some disorders have low blood pressure owing to endocrine gland problems.