10 Hair-Healthy Foods


Shine Salmon 

Salmon, sardines, and mackerel are rich in omega-3s. These good fats must come from food or supplements because your body can't generate them. They protect you from disease and produce lustrous, luxuriant hair.

Greek Yogurt Grows

It contains protein, which builds hair. Greek yoghurt boosts scalp blood flow and hair development. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) may prevent hair loss.

Spinach for Brittle Hair

Spinach is nutrient-rich like many dark green leafy veggies. Vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate, and C are abundant. They support healthy hair and scalp.


Guava Prevents Breakage

Vitamin C-rich tropical fruit. It prevents hairbreak. Guava offers 377 mg of vitamin C per cup. That's four times the minimal daily recommendation. Bonus!

Anti-Loss Cereal

Iron deficiency causes hair loss. Fortified cereal, grains, pastas, soybeans, and lentils provide this vital component. It's abundant in beef, especially liver. Shellfish and dark leafy greens too


Protein deficiency "rests" hair growth. It stops and older hairs come out, causing hair loss. Chicken and turkey are lean meats with less saturated fat than beef and hog.

Sweet Potatoes

Dry, dull hair? Beta carotene is in sweet potatoes. Beta carotene becomes vitamin A. It prevents hair dryness. It also stimulates scalp sebum production

Circulation Cinnamon

Add this spice to oatmeal, toast, and coffee. It aids circulation. That oxygenates and nourishes hair follicles.


Growth Eggs

Eggs provide protein and iron. Their biotin content promotes hair growth. Vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss. Biotin strengthens brittle nails.

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Fullness Oysters

Zinc-rich. Without enough of this mineral in your diet, you can lose hair, even eyelashes. Zinc helps hair-building cells work harder. Beef, crab, lobster, and fortified cereal contain this mineral.

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