Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

1. Pan mee

Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

Although its actual origin is unknown, this substantial noodle dish is often regarded as a classic example of the melding of Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. Noodles pulled by hand and cooked in broth are the main component of this meal, which also often includes greens, pork, and mushrooms.

Typically served with a side of sambal sauce, pan mee may be found in hawker-style restaurants and booths. It has several names, and variations using non-traditional broths or other ingredients are commonplace.

2. Laksam

Soup made of folded rice noodles and a creamy fish broth, typically associated with the Malaysian states of Kelantan and Terengganu. Noodles are made by pouring a thin batter made from rice flour onto a flat surface, steaming it, rolling it into a log, and then cutting it into thin strips.

The broth that goes with the noodles is often flavored with ginger, shallots, and garlic, and is prepared with coconut milk and creamy fish paste. Vegetables like cucumber slices and green beans, together with the spicy sambal, round out the meal.

3. Kagoshima ramen

Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

The Kagoshima prefecture in southern Japan is home to a unique kind of ramen known as Kagoshima ramen, which is a tonkotsu ramen. The people adore it, but it doesn’t do well elsewhere in the nation. This ramen starts with a murky tonkotsu broth produced from swine bones, which is then augmented with chicken bones, veggies, anchovies, kelp, and dried mushrooms.

The Okinawan-inspired thicker noodles or the ultra-thin Taiwanese vermicelli may also be utilized. Pickled daikon or radishes go well with this calm, hearty ramen.

4. Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup (Bánh canh)

This bowl of bánh canh is a classic example of Vietnamese cuisine. The thick noodles may be cooked with either tapioca or rice flour, and the soup can be made with a variety of meats and seafood, such as in the dishes bánh canh gio heo (noodles with ham), bánh canh ca loc (noodles with snakehead fish), or bánh canh cua (noodles with crab).

The liquid in this noodle soup is often thicker than that of other Vietnamese soups, resembling a gravy more than a soup broth. Sugar, salt, and fish sauce are added to a basis of pig bones or, less often, chicken.

5. Kumamoto ramen

Kumamoto ramen has evolved over the years into its own distinct style, while it was first created as a variant of Kurume ramen. Noodles in this dish are hearty and thick, and the accompanying pig bone broth, or tonkotsu, is rich and flavorful.

This ramen is great for those who aren’t accustomed to strong-tasting broths since the broth isn’t as oily as that of Hakata ramen. The fried garlic chips and sesame oil give this ramen its distinctive flavor and are essential ingredients.

6. Crossing-the-Bridge Noodles (Guo qiao mi xian)

Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

Yunnan is famous for its rice noodle soup called “Over the Bridge Rice Noodles” (guo qiao mi xian). Soup components include chicken broth, rice noodles, meat slices, veggies, and seasonings and garnishes.

Over a century ago, the dish made its debut in Mengzi County. A bowl of hot soup, a bowl of rice noodles, and a tray with sliced components are delivered to the table, and the soup is built and cooked at the table, which is unusual for a soup.

7. Naengmyeon

Just reading this recipe for buckwheat and starch noodles in a chilly beef broth with pickled radish, hard-boiled egg slices, and Korean pear seasoned with mustard and vinegar is enough to make a gourmet’s mouth water.

In the heat of summer, Koreans love to cool down with a bowl of naengmyeon, a cold noodle soup. Traditionally, radish kimchi, fermented in pots buried in the yard, was served with the meal during the colder months. Given that North Korea is the world’s largest producer of buckwheat, it seems to reason that buckwheat noodles would have their origins there. However, following the Korean War, buckwheat noodles became a staple food in South Korea.

8. Kitsune udon

Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

Kitsune udon, a well-known dish from Japan, has thick udon noodles in a fragrant dashi broth topped with either sliced or entire pieces of deep-fried tofu called aburaage. Fox udon is the moniker given to the dish because, according to an ancient folk tradition, foxes are huge fans of deep-fried aburaage.

Although its exact history is unknown, this meal is widely thought to have been created in 19th-century Osaka before spreading across Japan and becoming a staple in traditional Japanese udon restaurants.

9. Kalguksu

Many South Koreans consider kalguksu to be the best summertime food, and it is especially popular during the wet and windy months. Traditional ingredients include shellfish, dried anchovies, and kelp to flavor the broth, which is then poured over handmade wheat flour and egg noodles.

Kalguksu, which literally means “knife noodles,” gets its name from the fact that the noodles are prepared by cutting them with a knife. Kalguksu comes in several forms; seafood kalguksu is the most well-known, but spicy kalguksu (jjanppong kalguksu), chicken kalguksu (dak kalguksu), and mushroom kalguksu are also popular (beodeot kalguksu).

10. Nudelsuppe

Top 10 Delicious Asian Noodle Soup

Nudelsuppe, or German noodle soup, is often made with clear soup and a few basic ingredients. German soup greens (Suppengrün) including carrots, parsnips, leeks, celery, onions, and turnips are traditionally used in the rich chicken or beef broth that serves as the soup’s foundation.

You may use whatever kind of noodle you choose in this soup, but the traditional choice is thin egg noodles like faddennudeln. Noodles are often cooked in a separate pot and then added to the hot soup just before serving.

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