Zodiac Sign: What You Fear The Most

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They value the permanence of their friendships and romantic partnerships. Because of their insecurities, they constantly worry that one of their closest friends may reject them.


Because of their extreme sensitivity, bulls experience physical and mental distress at the mere thought of being forced out of their comfort zone.


They fear that their abilities will be questioned and that they won't be allowed to pursue their dreams.


They worry that no one will ever appreciate everything that they have to give and that if they do, they will be rejected.



The Lion worries that the world will not appreciate the notion of a brave leader that the Leo gives to it. Leos have a deep-seated dread of being ignored.


Those with the Virgo zodiac despise anarchy. They're paralysed with actual terror at the thought of it. They value punctuality and stability.


They shudder at the thought that they could say or do anything that might cause someone else stress by accident, since they hate seeing others unhappy.


Failure and letting down the people they care about the most are two of the greatest fears. They worry that they won't be able to live up to their own high standards .

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They are petrified of settling for anything less, and they despise the thought of being confined to an ordinary existence.


They're petrified that they lack the skills and aptitude necessary to succeed. They worry that no one appreciates their efforts to improve the world.


Separation from loved ones is the greatest worry of an Aquarius. They can't stand the thought of ever being entirely cut off from someone they hold dear.


They are so afraid of being exposed or harmed in a confrontation that they feel they must avoid it at all costs. They are emotionally incapable of making objective decisions.

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