Zodiac Sign You Have the Best Chemistry With

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Aries: Aquarius

Aries, you have a spirit that isn't for the faint of heart. You appreciate a companion who can hold their own and who is unafraid to show off their individuality. 

Taurus: Cancer

Cancer is the sign with which you'll have the most in common, and the two of you will hit it off because you know that there's no need to rush into a happy relationship.

Gemini: Libra

Since you are both air signs, you take life in a carefree manner, which keeps your connection feeling new and exciting.

Cancer: Pisces

You two have a very romantic and flirtatious dynamic when you're together. Because of their similarities, Pisces and Cancer are frequently paired up.

Leo: Sagittarius

Being both fire signs, a relationship between a Leo and a Sagittarius can be passionate and exciting. You'll be instantly drawn to the Sagittarius's playful energy, 

Virgo: Taurus

Since you and your partner share a sexy, yet hidden, side, your chemistry can be explosive and intense. Both Virgo and Taurus are reliable people.


Libra: Aries

Libra and Aries have a fiery and passionate relationship, thanks to Mars, the ruler of passion, and Venus, the ruler of romance.

Scorpio: Cancer

The special connection between a Scorpio and a Cancer can help each partner flourish. You complement each other so well; you make a great pair. 

Scorpio: Cancer

You two are a great match because you're both active people who enjoy taking risks and experiencing new things. 

Capricorn: Taurus

 Capricorn and Taurus are often considered the zodiac's power couple because they both place a premium on stability and security at home and for the future.

Aquarius: Leo

The two of you are incredibly attractive to one another because of your natural charisma and inventiveness. There will never be a dull moment in your relationship.

Pisces: Scorpio

You can expect to be swept off your feet by a Scorpio's obsessive and passionate approach to romantic relationships, you two are always in sync with one another.

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