Which Zodiac Signs Are Smartest?

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It's no surprise that Aquarians top the list of the smartest zodiac signs. They are renowned for their analytical skills and ability to spot patterns that others miss.


Virgos are known for being perfectionists, but when you really stop to think about it, you'll realise that they're also gifted with an annoyingly infallible sense of logic


Even though they are intense and passionate, Scorpios are usually the first people you call when you want to find out if your ex is seeing someone else



This is not merely a pretty face. Geminis are known for being friendly and outgoing, but they also have a knack for quickly grasping and applying new ideas.


Their ability to think practically and methodically when solving problems is a strength in the workplace.

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When an Aries' temper flares, it's hard to get one past them, as their street smarts are complemented by a razor-sharp wit that they're willing to dole out in liberal doses.


Libra zodiac sign tend to have a level head and an impartial perspective on life. They are able to respond to life's regular challenges with deliberate action

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