No. 1 Way to Woo Every Zodiac Sign

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Aries often dates many people at once. With this in mind, it follows that playing hard to get would be the optimal strategy for attracting one. 


If you want to win over a Taurus, all you have to do is be considerate to their wants and desires. A hidden vulnerability lies behind this earth sign's obstinate exterior


To them, the best date is the one when they can bypass the little chat and go right to the big questions of existence. To win over a Gemini, you need to speak to their mind.


If you want to win over a Cancer, be truthful at all times. People like it when you're open and honest with them, and it shows that you care about them.



Pay close attention to a Virgo if you want to win them over. Asking this earth sign meaningful and comprehensive questions about their dreams and hobbies will get you noticed.


Librans prioritise joy and the present moment above everything else when it comes to romantic relationships. Show them that you can adapt to their needs.


 If you want to impress the Scorpio man or woman you have your sights set on, remembering the details of your interactions with them and their hopes and dreams is a must.


If you let your true colours show, a Leo will find you irresistible. This will show them that you are self-assured and be the first thing that draws their attention to you in a crowded setting.


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Getting the attention of a Sagittarius requires talking about things you're both interested in. Tell them everything about your aspirations and what you want to accomplish in life.


If you want to attract one, you must be truthful about the ideals you have. Communicate your goals for the relationship early on and be honest about what you need from a partner.


The best way to win over an Aquarius is to treat them with kindness and acceptance. An Aquarius's heart will melt when they see that you're not afraid to let your quirky side shine through.


Attract them by showing them that you like music, painting, or other forms of creativity. Your Pisces lover could care less if you feel foolish writing an open letter to them.


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